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Reflexology and Facial Reflexology in Richmond

Thank you for stopping by my site. Let me start by telling you a little about this therapy...

Reflexology is an extremely effective, holistic therapy based on the principle that reflexes in the feet, hands, face and ears are linked to every structure, organ and gland in the body via the nervous system. Due to various lifestyle factors, energy can become blocked and imbalances may occur within an individual causing some form of dis-ease throughout parts of the body. Reflexology is used to unblock energy and rebalance the system by stimulation of the reflexes on the feet and as a result the energy can flow freely once again, aiding to heal the imbalance in the body. When the body's natural balance is restored good health can occur.

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The Benefits?

•helps relieve the effects of stress
•helps to relieve pain
•encourages circulation to flow better
•promotes a deep state of relaxation
•boosts the bodies ability to remove waste products
•helps to calm the mind and thought processes
•can be used as an aid to increase chances of conception
• offers support before, during and after pregnancy
•encourages the body to to heal itself of any current ailments including, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sinus issues, arthritis, back pain

What Can I Expect During My Session?

A short consultation will be taken upon our first meeting. Once we have had our chat you will need to remove your socks. (Comfortable clothing is recommended for your session). Once you are comfortable your feet will be cleansed and an organic oil will be applied to your feet. Reflexology will begin after a few relaxing massage techniques on and around the feet. This treatment will be specifically tailored through what we will have talked through during your consultation and therefore particular attention will be paid to certain reflex points on your feet. Reflexology does not diagnose any conditions nor does it claim to cure, however, it is possible to tell where there may be some disruption internally and this is something we will work through during the session or even over a period of time if the situation calls for it.

This is YOUR treatment and you can feel free to talk or to fall asleep! Feedback will be given to you after the session ends. And whether you have had reflexology before or are completely new to it, don't worry, your feet are in safe hands!

Come and visit me at Neal's Yard Remedies therapy rooms in Richmond to experience Reflexology and Facial Reflexology

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