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Natural Facelift Massage
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Natural Facelift Massage (facial rejuvenation). Circle facial chi

Natural Facelift Massage is a blend of highly effective techniques derived from both Japanese and Indian Face Massage; also known as Facial Rejuvenation or Natural Facelift.
In the East, beauty is synonymous with optimal health and according to this belief, as health and beauty are inseparable, even the most attractive face shape cannot reveal its true beauty if the person is not well. When the radiance of true health glows within a person, nothing else is needed for genuine beauty.

Oriental medicine reveals that the three main factors to true health are are: physical, psychological and spiritual health. Ancient tradition teaches that beauty arises naturally if a person can bring these three factors into harmony.

The intention of Natural Facelift Masssge is to help enhance natural, true health and beauty and to prevent ill-health.

Many people suffer with facial tension which builds up in the facial muscles causing puffiness, lines and wrinkles. The Japanese influence treats the facial meridians which treat the entire body's healthy balance as well as the energy flow in the face. This facial can act as a natural facelift with no need for surgery, helping you to look and feel younger and more energised.

Natural Facelift Massage (facial rejuvenation). Quote circle

How Does It Work?

The traditonal massage techniques of Japan (Anma) and the ancient healing method of India (Ayurveda) are combined in Natural Facelift Masssge. This is a specifically designed treatment where these two systems are combined to improve the complexion, remove toxins from the face, reduce and prevent facial wrinkles and age spots whilst holistically balancing the life force energy, helping to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Highly refined, gentle finger and hand manipulation on the face, treats the surface and also the deeper underlying facial tissues. This specialised facial is an advanced and adapted method of traditional face massage.

The Benefits?

•Minimises the aging process by repairing and balancing the condition of the skin
•Helping the prevention of fine lines and sagging skin by strengthening and toning muscles
•Blood circulation to the face is increased, enabling the delivery of nutrients to the surface of the skin
•Balances energy "ki" (Chi), therefore improving the health of the facial tissue and appearance of the face as a whole
•Stimulates the nervous system
•Lymphatic flow is smoother allowing the transporting of any toxins or bacteria away from the facial tissue

Natural Facelift Massage (facial rejuvenation). Circle book  a treatment

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