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New GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

-May 2018
As I am sure most of you are aware, the new GDPR regulations come into force on 25th May 2018. I, personally am going to do my utmost to make this as simple as possible for my existing and new clients. My website does show my own Privacy Policy which you can find a link to at the bottom of each page on this website or if you prefer, here is a direct link: Valentina Boga Reflexology Privacy Policy

Natural Facelift Massage

-20th February 2018
I am feeling really excited to be offering Natural Facelift Masssge therapy at my practice next month!! Relaxation is always a lovely gift to give to yourself or to anyone else ;)

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Face and Spirit Transformation

-1st February 2018
As a Facial Reflexologist, I see some amazing transformations taking place during my client's facial treatments. It never ceases to amaze me when I can view an individual's face physically changing in front of my own eyes as they receive The Bergman Zone Method of Facial Reflexology .

The face and spirit become lifted, facial muscles toned, deep tissue repaired and rejuvenated through wonderfully relaxing stimulation of facial reflex points, lymphatic work, and face massage using organic pre-blended essential oils.

I would urge anyone to try this therapy at least once to experience sometimes what words cannot :)

West London Mamma's!

-25th November 2017
It was a pleasure and shear joy to be giving hand reflexology to some lovely mummies yesterday at the West London Mamma's Christmas Market and Mingle. A terrific event organised by Alia Raman.
(Photos by Lottie Rowlinson Photography)

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Louise Redknapp and Facial Reflexology

-2nd November 2017
TV presenter, Louise Redknapp says: I treat myself to Facial Reflexology before a big night out or photoshoot as it tightens the muscles in my face." Click To Read Article

It's lovely to see all walks of people enjoying Facial Reflexology for different reasons. Come and visit me at the Neal's Yard Therapy Rooms in Richmond for a lovely experience. If I am too far away for you, find a qualified Facial Reflexologists nearer to you to experience this amazing therapy :)

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Rule Of Thumb!

-23rd October 2017
If you are anything like me you could possibly relate to quite a stiff body early in the morning. Not surprising as we haven't really moved that much for 8 hours or so! And as the cold spells draw closer it's important to stay as supple and flexible as one can. Here is a little experiment I tried out whilst waiting for my morning oats to cook.....

So firstly I bent at the waist (carefully) as far as was comfortable taking a mental note of how far I could go and how stiff I felt in my body. Next I turned my neck to the right and to the left again observing the feeling off stiffness and how far I could go.

Here comes the fun part! ..... (as a reflexologist, these things are always fun)

I began rubbing each thumb quite firmly mostly along the spine reflex simply as if you were rubbing your hands together to keep them warm. I did this on each hand for about 30 seconds to 1 minute each. I also did the same on the point of the thumb which corresponds to the neck and the coccyx.

At the end the thumbs were a little red (all good) but not sore. Just shows a good blood flow to the area.

So now the end of the experiment. I bent down from the waist again and....... my fingertips found the floor with ease and my neck felt more flexible like it had been massaged. Hmmm....well, technically it did! That's one of the beauties I find in this therapy. It's like an internal full body massage.

So try this of you like. Be cautious and don't try to go any further than your body can tolerate. This is a lovely thing to do in the morning or even if you are sitting a lot at work or just feel the need to maybe release some tension in that area.

Remember to always listen to your body first!! It will let you know what's best for you!!


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Essential Relaxation!

-8th October 2017
Just diffusing some gorgeous smelling ylang ylang essential oil in the therapy room this afternoon. This is a beautiful aid to relaxation during my facial reflexology treatments.

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